Detrumpification of the GOP

Reagan Caucus member Justin Stapley explains why it is more effective to build a countermovement within the GOP than to form a third party:

“I’m a dedicated, non-Trump conservative who has nevertheless come full circle and has determined his place is within the Republican Party, trying to be a force for good. I’ve faced the grim reality that the two major political parties constitute the pipelines through which people are chosen to fill political offices in America. Either I engage in the process that exists and try to insert my ideals and principles into the selection of candidates, or I end up living with the choices made by others (who are happy to wield such power without my input or opposition within the party structure)…

Too many Americans skip past the primaries and only show up when they have to choose between the two candidates imposed upon them by the radicalized few who still engage in and control the parties.”

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